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Birthday Gift Ideas with a Newspaper

Birthday Newspaper

Here at MakeMyNewspaper we have some great birthday gift ideas that you can do with one of our personalized newspapers. These ideas will definitely be a fabulous hit and will be guaranteed to be cherished and treasured.

These unique birthday ideas can be used for any birthday:

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Each idea is based on what you can do with a personalized newspaper, so they make incredible gifts! Indeed, the time and love you put into these gifts will make all the difference to make someone’s birthday all that more special.

Personalized Newspaper Birthday Gift

All of these ideas are based on a personalized newspaper that you make for your loved one’s birthday. Imagine receiving a newspaper that is all about you. The subject of the articles is you, the pictures are of you, and all of them tell a story of your life up until this day, your birthday. Not only would you devour every word, but guests to your birthday party, your family, and your friends will be fascinated.

Here are some things you might want to consider putting in your personalized birthday newspaper:

  • A great title. Make the title special. It can be as simple as “Joe Turns 40,” or perhaps even more humorously, “Family Mourns Loved One Who Went Over the Hill Today!” Be creative and get everyone’s attention with the title.
  • Include lots and lots of pictures. Find pictures from previous birthdays, events, etc. Show a timeline of growth and aging. You can certainly include pictures of other people, but mainly, the pictures should be of the one whose birthday you are celebrating.
  • Write creative articles. Your articles can be simple, such as about how the person in question has grown, matured, or aged. It can also be more creative, such as an article like, “Scientist Discovers Why Joe Never Grew Up,” or “Mystery Surrounds Joe’s 40th Birthday,” or “Evidence Suggests Joe May Be Extraterrestrial – Military on Alert!” or “Joe Discovers Secret of Eternal Youth – Forgets What It Is.” Let your imagination go crazy. Have fun and so will “Joe.” Sprinkle in facts of Joe’s life into each article that will be sure to be amusing and extra special.
  • Have other family members contribute. Have others write some of the articles, supply some of the pictures, write about a favorite memory, and so on.

If you do nothing more than make this newspaper and give it as a birthday gift, you will have made someone’s birthday very, very special.

Frame the Birthday Newspaper

After you have created your personalized newspaper, you can take it a step further and frame it. Not only does this protect the newspaper, but it looks cool on the wall and will be an instant conversation starter for when guests come over and see it.

Find a large picture frame with a cardboard backing. We suggest one that is at least double the height of your newspaper. Paste the newspapers on the cardboard in the arrangement you prefer and then place it in the picture frame…instant picture to hang on the wall.

Make a Newspaper Tabletop

Similar to the last idea, in this one you take a kitchen table or a coffee table and carefully paste your newspaper to the top. Once done, you can get a cut piece of glass to place over it or you can use epoxy to create a smooth, cleanable surface.

This too will be a conversation starter. Every time you sit at the table, something about one of the articles or pictures will be sure to grab your attention—particularly if they are of you or of someone you love.

Free Cloud Designer Templates

Our templates are 100% customizable, super user-friendly, and designed specifically to help you create outstanding birthday newspapers with our free Cloud Designer. Below are a few of the 100s of templates available to you.