About Us

A brief history of MakeMyNewspaper Inc.

How We Came to Be

The concept of MakeMyNewspaper took root in 2008 when one of its founders began helping a Tucson, Arizona, charity.  His contribution was to take this charity’s messy and expensive newsletter and, not only convert it to a small newspaper, but also to sell advertisements to defray the cost of printing and mailing. He was even able to raise extra money for the organization.  This idea worked extremely well.

That effort resulted in the meeting of another founder of MakeMyNewspaper, the owner of a newspaper plant, who actually donated the cost of the printing for that original charitable project.  But besides being civic minded, he had another reason for donating:  There was virtually no profit in printing such a short run newspaper. To make a profit, he’d have to charge far more than any company would be willing to pay.  In essence, a very clear proclamation had been made:  The world’s public – the average person -- had never been able to print a short run newspaper because the industry itself COULD NOT OFFER short runs at an affordable price.  This condition had existed for almost 200 years.

It was a fascinating scenario.  The most popular vehicle in the world ever invented for mass print distribution had never been able to be utilized by most of the world’s population.

MakeMyNewspaper was formed in 2010 with the resolve to let anyone, anywhere, of any age, publish a newspaper of their own, whether it be fifty copies or fifty thousand copies.

To make it work, however, was an uphill battle.  The traditional newspaper, to be valuable and convenient in our modern age, also had to be merged with modern technology.  In many cases, this technology, in the newspaper industry, did not exist.  MakeMyNewspaper would have to create it.

They did. Over the past nine years, MakeMyNewspaper has introduced not only low pricing for newspaper printing runs from 750 copies on up, but introduced their “Impact Newspaper” as well, allowing customers to print from 50 to 500 copies starting at only $99.00.  To this day, MakeMyNewspaper is the only company in America to offer this product.  This was followed by our revolutionary “eNewspaper,” an electronic version of a newspaper used either on its own or with a printed version, with immediate abilities to share with social media, embed on websites or any other digital formats.

But it was the release, after years of development and customer feedback, of the Cloud Designer in 2013 that brought the company into the last levels of optimal leverage for the average person across the globe.  Offering hundreds of free templates and being extremely easy to use, and accessible from any electronic device from tablets to Chromebooks, the “PageProdigy” Cloud Designer rocketed its global presence, with over 90% of its customers using their design program, being used by people in over 40 countries so far, from ages 8 to 80.       

MakeMyNewspaper founders have over 100 years combined experience in design, digital printing, web-press printing and newspaper industries. Any concerns or questions regarding equipment or procedure, please feel free to correspond with us using our Contact Us Page or visit our Specifications page.

Our Mission

MakeMyNewspaper's mission is to offer affordable and professional quality newspapers, either for print or for digital, to the general public at an extremely low cost with free and easy Cloud design tools and templates.