Anniversary Newspapers

One Year Anniversary Ideas

One Year Anniversary Ideas

The one year anniversary is paper. Being the first anniversary, the powers that be decided that it wasn’t as significant as other milestones, such as the 10th, 25th, or 50th. As important as each of those milestones are, perhaps the significance of the first anniversary got overlooked somehow. Your first anniversary deserves something special, something more than just “paper.” From a different perspective, the first anniversary may be more significant than many of the other milestones in your marriage. So perhaps something special, something more significant is required to honor that milestone and still stay within the traditional “paper” gift idea.

Create a one year anniversary newspaper!

Here at, you can create that special one year anniversary gift. Imagine presenting to your spouse, loved-ones, friends, and family a newspaper that tells a story of your one year of marriage together. You could share pictures, stories, tidbits, and much more in a newspaper.

Our typical 4 page newspaper can hold roughly 4,000 words along with a plethora of pictures. This gives you the room you need to say it all, to truly reflect upon your first year of marriage in a way that you and yours will read for years to come. That first year of marriage is unique and it deserves a unique manner of celebration. Below is what two couples did for their first year anniversary newspaper. Click on the first one to see the entire newspaper!

Memories fade in time and that is one reason why it is important to write them down. Just seeing a picture and a brief story about the picture may be enough to bring a flood of memories rushing back years later. This is your first anniversary. It deserves something unique and special.

Here are some more ideas of what you can use a one year anniversary newspaper for:

  • As a gift for your spouse.
  • As a simple keepsake or memento.
  • As a way to share your first year with your family and friends.
  • As a prank/surprise. Slip it inside another newspaper. Mail it to a friend. Pretend you’re famous and show them your newspaper as proof—make celebrating your one year anniversary special.
  • As wrapping paper. Yep. Unique, but imagine how carefully your spouse would unwrap this gift!
  • To frame. Some couples frame the newspaper and then display it somewhere in their house. Guests will gravitate to it, and it creates fantastic talking points.
  • To put in a time capsule. Your one year anniversary is a fantastic time to bury a time capsule that you can dig up years later. Having a copy inside of your one year anniversary that will remind you of all you did together will bring many moments of laughter and happy tears.
  • As a mural. You’ll need to get several copies to do this, but you can take your newspapers and create a wall mural (or a portion of the wall) with them. This is a bit like having it framed, but much larger, and done correctly, very classy.
  • As a coffee table top display. Using a sheet of glass, you can paste your anniversary newspaper underneath or on top of a coffee table. The glass will protect the newspaper beneath, and afford your guests and even yourself with amble opportunities to be reminded of those special moments during your first year of marriage.

With a little imagination, there are no doubt many things you can do with your one year anniversary newspaper. If you need more ideas, check out those listed for the Sixth Month Anniversary Ideas page and the Paper Anniversary page. Want more templates? Go to our DIY Anniversary Ideas page.

Create Your Own Anniversary Newspaper

Our templates are 100% customizable, super user-friendly, and designed specifically to help you create an outstanding anniversary newspaper with our free Cloud Designer. Below are a few of the 100s of templates available to you.