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How To Reduce Your Printing Costs

Reduce Printing Costs

Regardless of the purpose of your newspaper, you can simply and easily reduce your printing costs. What people read in newspapers is trusted more than radio, television and the Internet...combined. So the key to reducing your printing cost is to leverage that power. Compared to a newsletter, your newspaper has much more room that you can leverage. Knowing this, you can allocate some of that space to reducing your print cost.

Sell AD Space

Selling AD space in your newspaper can reduce your printing costs, eliminate your costs altogether, and even make you a profit. Newspaper ads are still the most trusted form of paid media in North America, according to a recent Nielsen Survey. Let's look at a few scenarios:

  • Wedding Newspaper: Have family members chip in by buying space in your newspaper. They can put in an ad, or simply congratulate you on your upcoming nuptials. This helps defray the cost and lets everyone chip in.
  • Business Newspaper: Seek out other local businesses that might need to reach out to your community or region. This is a great way to defray or pay for the entire printing cost of your newspaper.
  • Church Newspaper: Local businesses, church members, and other religious affiliations can purchase AD space in your newspaper to help defray your costs--even make a profit.
  • School Newspaper: People and businesses will be interested in supporting a school newspaper. In the case of schools, it is not the reach of your paper that is important. It is the fact that they are supporting the school. You can raise sponsorships, sell ADs, and make a profit.

Sell Article Space

Businesses need name recognition and space to provide quality information relating to their products or services. Sell a 500 word article and defray your printing costs.

Sell Coupon Space

Consumers love coupons, and when you have coupons, you create a need for your newspaper.

Sell Review Space

You can sell space for a review of a particular product or service that your readers might like to know about.

Find Sponsorships

You can get local businesses to sponsor your newspaper, family reunion, wedding, school, or anniversary. They give you a donation and you give them space in your newspaper. Approach the businesses that employ your relatives.

Making a Profit

Offset your printing costs no matter how many or what kind of newspaper you print or even earn full or part time income within 30 days by starting your own niche or community newspaper. Newspapers are one of the only small businesses in the world that can actually be started with virtually no upfront costs.

Guide to Building a Newspaper Business

The following link will take you to a step by step guide to building your own profitable newspaper business: Starting a Profitable Newspaper.

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