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Wedding Newspaper Invitation

There is nothing that says you care more than something you created yourself. The personal touch is something that you often can't get when you buy in bulk. Wedding invitations, of course, can be customized with your name, date, and location of the wedding, but there is very little about it that is personal. There is very little that says, "We want you there!" Hand crafting your own invitations is better, of course, because people recognize the time you spent doing it, but if you have a large guest list, then this may not be very feasible. That's were MakeMyNewspaper comes in.

Making your own newspaper and using that as your invitation has that perfect balance of personal creativity, personal touch, uniqueness, and ability to get many of them printed without having to create each one individually.

Doing It Yourself

Doing it yourself adds that personal touch and uniqueness that people find so appealing. When you create a newspaper, doing it yourself means:

  • Writing Your Own Stories — You get to tell the story that you know best...and even divulge a few things no one might ever have known before about your courtship and engagement.
  • Adding Photos — Give your newspaper invitations a touch that most never have--pictures! Adding pictures (and lots of them) makes this wedding invitation very unique. You can prepare your photos in various ways.
  • Get Others to Write Something — Your parents could write something asking people to come to the wedding of their children, and even friends could write something in the form of a reporter interviewing the happy couple.
  • Add a Bit of Mystery and Fun — With this newspaper you could have the details hidden in a word search or a cryptogram that causes people to have to work (a little) to find out when and where the wedding will take place. This will keep people engaged and help them remember when it will be too.
  • Present It as a Real Newspaper — You could design the newspaper as a real newspaper where your wedding is the feature story. Have interviews with the bride and groom. Have a "Society" page that gives the details of the wedding. There is a lot you can do when you do it yourself!

As wedding invitations goes, this will be one of the most unique and interesting things you do. People will absolutely love it! Start your wedding newspaper now!

Create Your Own Wedding Newspaper Invitation

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