Mugshot Newspapers

Mugshot Newspapers

A fascinating idea and one that provides a community service is a mugshot newspaper. Newspapers must serve a purpose to the reader to warrant their attention, and here at MakeMyNewspaper, we’ve learned that niche newspapers do better than general newspapers where the news can easily be found online.

Provide a Community Service

A mugshot newspaper is niched conveniently for the reader, providing needed information regarding his or her community. Mugshots are often already posted on police websites, so the information is already out there. The problem is that many of these mugshots are posted during the arrest and are not necessarily removed if the person is found to be innocent.

But with a mugshot newspaper and the willingness to do a little research, you can post mugshots of criminals who were found guilty and write stories about those found to be innocent. In this way, you can provide a service that exonerates the innocent, helping them regain their good name, and warns the community of those who are found guilty, thereby protecting other innocents and encouraging people to participate in approved ways with law enforcement.

Work with Law Enforcement

IPolice also need to be held accountable for their actions as well as commended for their service. Your mugshot newspaper can do both. You can share stories of law enforcement’s successes, while holding them to the fire for any negligent action. As citizens, we have the right to know that those who serve the community do indeed have the community’s best interests at heart.

A well-balanced mugshot newspaper will be impartial, reporting the good and the bad. Someone, often a private citizen who doesn’t have an axe to grind, is needed to keep an eye on the law enforcement and criminal worlds, to report relevant news, see that justice is done, is fair, and can be delivered to either side of the badge.

Doing a Mug Shot Newspaper Right

Mugshot publishing has a bad reputation because law enforcement websites often don’t update their records quickly enough and a causal search by an employer may turn up a mugshot of someone who was found innocent. The mugshot could cost the applicant a job, but with the right person willing to do the research and fight for justice, this could be reported in a newspaper that the applicant could simply hand to the employer to exonerate themselves.

There are many possibilities for someone who is willing to put the legwork into this niche area of newspaper publishing. It can also be very profitable. With the right endorsements, you can branch out into other areas to include in your newspaper—such as bail bondsmen and even bounty hunters.

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