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Motels and hotels owners and managers are often looking for a way to standout with their guests. Convenience is always a sure-fire way to draw customers back to your motel or hotel. One way you can add convenience for your guests is to place a newspaper in each room that the guest can take with them. This newspaper can contain coupons to local restaurants and services which is always appealing to guests new to the area and wondering where to go or what to do. The newspaper can provide information on amenities, maps, and so much more.

Check out this hotel Guest Directory sample:

The hotel below provides their guests with menus right in their newspapers of the hotel’s very own restaurant as well as providing other interesting and pertinent information about local activities and interests:

One of the main attractions of such a hotel newspaper is that the guest could take it with them and keep it. Not only does the newspaper then become a reminder of the experience, but it becomes just that extra bit of convenience. If there is a coupon, they can cut the coupon out or take the entire newspaper with them. There are so many things that can be done with it! Here is a short list of ideas:

  • Front Desk Info
  • Emergency Info
  • Parking Info
  • Maps of the facilities
  • Maps of the local area
  • Local restaurants and eateries
  • Hours of operation for hotel services
  • Comics, puzzles, and games
  • Coupons for local services and products
  • Articles on local attractions
  • TV Channels
  • Wifi information and instructions
  • Articles on dealing with local weather or events
  • Insider information that only locals know

In fact, if done right, you may not even have to pay for your hotel newspaper! Approaching local restaurants and services, you can have them pay to put an add or coupon in your newspaper. This can easily defray some or all the costs of printing and shipping.

A number of your guests may take the newspaper with them as either a souvenir of there stay, to finish one of the puzzles inside, or because they want to keep the valuable information provided. Either way, it is a great way to promote your hotel or motel to new guests as well as draw back old ones.

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