Animal and Pet Newspapers

Animals and Pet Newspapers

So much of our lives intersect the lives of the animals around us. From our dogs and cats to the annoying misquotes to song birds and so much more, animals take up a significant amount of our time and love. Because of this, entire industries have sprung up around animals that offer products and services. Having a newspaper tailored to your needs may be just the thing to help promote your business, mission, or nonprofit.

A newspaper holds a significant amount of information and can be printed inexpensively. What’s more, newspapers are trusted, and there are fewer ways that will help you build your brand trust than a newspaper full of helpful articles, news, and information.

A Few Ideas

  • Pet stores – Owners can increase exposure with their pet newspaper, share the stories and backgrounds of some of their pets, provide helpful information on pet care, and much more.
  • Pet grooming services – A newspaper spread around the community can excite interest in the need and benefits of your services. Articles describing the benefits of proper grooming and other health related services can resonate with pet owners who love their pets.
  • Rescue animals – Shelters and other rescue services can share stories of their rescued animals with the community in a newspaper easier than they could on the internet. On the internet, people have to find you, but with your newspaper, you find them.
  • Dog walkers – This is a growing business in many, hustle and bustle cities. A newspaper is the perfect way to advertise yourself in a professional manner. If you have your own newspaper, who will doubt that you will take care of their dogs?
  • Pet supplies – With so many products—and many of which a typical pet owner may not even be aware of—a newspaper is the perfect way to give pet owners the information they need to make decisions.

There are so many other areas that could benefit from a pet newspaper—bee hive owners, horse boarding, obedience schools, animal clinics—and so much more.

If you put games and puzzles geared around pets in your newspaper, then your newspaper’s shelf life increases dramatically while you are constantly putting your name, brand, or services in front of prospective customers and clients.

Animal and Pet Newspaper Examples

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