Marketing Newspapers

Marketing Newspapers

Marketing is a necessary evil if you want your company, business, service, or product to succeed. The amount you spend ranges, of course, depending upon the competition. You can expect to spend anywhere from 1% to more than 30% of your revenue on marketing alone. That is a broad number—and a fairly daunting one at the same time.

MakeMyNewspaper Can Help

With a marketing newspaper, you can spread the word about your company or service to a degree that was once unheard of. In times past, you had to pay a substantial amount of money to get an advertisement in a newspaper and out to its readership base. But with the advent of MakeMyNewspaper, you can print your very own newspaper and market your services or products in a way never before imagined.

Think for a bit. If you had your very own eight-page newspaper that you directly mailed to interested customers—a newspaper that focuses almost exclusively on your service or product—what could you do to interest prospective clients and customers? We’re not talking about a small ad; we’re talking about an entire newspaper that is dedicated to your services or products.

More Bang For Your Buck

In many cases, your service or product requires a bit of education to make people aware of what you can offer. A newspaper offers you the room to do that. A marketing newspaper gives you the chance to write articles related to your business, answer frequently asked questions, and spark interest in what you do.

Because it is your newspaper, there is no limiting space. You can write as many articles as you feel necessary to promote your service or product. In fact, you could add as many images as you needed. In this way, you are not restricted to space, so you can take the space you need to clearly get your message across.

Invite Businesses to Place Ads in Your Newspaper

What’s more, you could invite other business who may be related to what you do but are not competitors to advertise in your newspaper. In this way, you may be able to pay for the newspaper from your ad revenue alone. With a little bit of work, this could be a completely cost-free means of advertising your products and services.

Brand Yourself Like Never Before

It is said that you need to get your name in front of people seven times a year so that when a need arises that you can fulfil with your service or product, they will automatically think of your first. Providing your own newspaper is one of the easiest ways to do this without having to be mixed in directly with your competitors.

Free Cloud Designer Templates for Marketing Newspapers

Our templates are 100% customizable, super user-friendly, and designed specifically to help you create incredible marketing newspapers with our free Cloud Designer. Below are a few of the 100s of templates available to you.