Personalized Birthday Newspapers

There is nothing as special and unique as a personalized birthday newspaper!

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Our templates are 100% customizable, user-friendly, and designed specifically to help you create outstanding newspapers anyone's birthday in our Free Designer. Below are a few of the 100s of templates available to you. Just click on one to try it out.

What People Are Saying...

Just delivered my newspaper to my Mom for her 79th birthday party. It was a big hit. Thanks for the quick turnaround and great technical assistance. The newspaper was perfect! I have already passed your “card” to several members of the party…

— Kennedy

Everyone absolutely loved the paper. Loved that it was printed on actual newsprint . . .it was a perfect addition for our guests to enjoy . . . The templates were really easy to use and made this creation great, too.

— Jenn L

Our Commitment to You

MakeMyNewspaper can make someone's birthday extra special. Not only as a printed memory keepsake for the birthday recipient, but also for family and friends!


What do you get for someone who either has everything or just doesn’t seem to want anything? Try a personalized newspaper. A newspaper can provide someone with a novel gift, but one that is personalized just to them. Ever wished to see your name in the headlines of a newspaper? Most people do, so this is a wonderful gift idea.

Read our Birthday Gift Ideas for a Newspaper page to let more ideas on what you can do with a birthday newspaper.

Don't forget the Internet! If social media and the internet is a quicker way to share information, simply create an eNewspaper and post it on emails, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or whatever social media you use, and everyone will be able to read it on their computer, tablet, or smart phone. An eNewspaper is an incredible new way to update your news and information without resubmitting the same thing over and over again on every site you use! Visit our eNewspaper page for more details of this low cost option. Order one with a printed newspaper, too!


There are certain birthdays that just mean something extra special. These milestones should be celebrated, and here at MakeMyNewspaper we wish to help. A newspaper is the perfect way to celebrate these milestones and provide a lasting memento of the occasion. Here is a list of some popular milestones:

  • 1st Birthday – Your child’s first birthday is special.
  • The Golden Birthday – where your age matches the day of the month you were born on.
  • Quinceanera – In Latin culture, when a girl turns 15, she becomes a woman.
  • 16th Birthday – Driver’s license here we come!
  • 18th Birthday – Adulthood. Your child may be venturing into the world as an adult, so celebrate the last 18 years!
  • 40th Birthday – No, you’re not over-the-hill, you are king of the hill!
  • 55th Birthday – Discounts galore! Age finally has benefits.
  • 65th Birthday – Retirement! Sweet retirement!
  • 80th Birthday – That is an accomplishment!
  • 90th Birthday – An even better accomplishment!
  • 100th Birthday – This is a life that should make headlines!

Collect photos and articles and factoids from your life or the life of the person you are celebrating. Including private pictures from family and friends and put them in historical context. Design the newspaper any way you wish with our free Cloud Newspaper Designer. Share someone's unique life (and how far they've come) with a memento that that everyone will treasure for a lifetime.


You’ve recently had or about to have a new addition to your family! Congratulations! A baby is an incredible gift and a huge responsibility. That tiny life is precious. If you want to share the joy of this new life with others, create a new birth announcement with a newspaper. Your child is a front page story!


A newspaper can be a great way to promote a baby shower—or it can be a great party favor that you give away at the shower itself. You can write articles about the name you chose, your plans, gift ideas, your prediction as to what your child will grow up to become, and so much more. You can add games, puzzles, and more. A newspaper can give you plenty of room!

We hope we may be of service in helping you create your own birthday newspaper.

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