Catalog Newspapers

Catalog Newspapers

Business that offer many products are always looking for new and inventive ways to market. Catalogs, those you offer to purchasers or mail, have traditionally been an effective way to spread the word. Now you can create your own catalog in newsprint. Whether you have a few products or thousands, a newspaper catalog is an effective, cost-efficient means of marketing your products.

For example, the company below uses a newspaper to promote new product lines:

It is a simple matter, and often less expensive, to mail a copy to companies of individuals who may be interested in your particular products. This company also prints newspapers that target other markets, some general and others very specific. Below is the same company, but targeting a different niche:

The auto retailer below markets to their community by providing a newspaper catalog of their vehicles for sale. The space of a newspaper gives them the ability to highlight their more popular models in an inexpensive manner.

The auto sports retailer below provides a first-class catalog through newsprint. They are able to showcase new products and popular products while providing essential information about their company. In their case, they talk about their own emissions lab in their catalog and how such a lab helps them to stay in compliance with regulations.

Newspapers are trusted worldwide. When you offer your own newspaper in the form of a catalog, you are building on that trust.

Take this outdoor retailer below. They use their catalog not only to showcase their products, but also to highlight the technology behind their products. A newspaper catalog gives you this flexibility and power.

In short, there is little downside to a newspaper catalog. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can give them away with each purchase, leave them on the counter for customers to take, or mail them to a prospective list. If you are an online retailer, you can add a newspaper into the box with every shipment, something that the following online retailer did with their printed newspaper catalog:

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