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If the UPS ground shipping calculator shows a price of $150 or more, you might want to consider getting a quote on freight shipping. Use the button below to request a drop shipping quote.

For shipping requests over 24 pages or over 50,000 copies, please use our custom order page for freight quotes.

Newsprint Details


ORDER CUTOFF TIME: 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Any order placed (or final artwork received) after 5:00 PM Pacific Time will be processed as an order coming in the next day.

Newsprint orders of 500 and less are completed and out the door within 3 business days starting the day after the order is placed or the final artwork received. For any order over 500 copies, the order is completed and out the door within 4 business days beginning the day after the order is placed or final artwork received.

Transit times begin on the day your order is shipped.

Example: If an order is placed on a Thursday at 4:50 PM Pacific Time for 100 copies, UPS Ground, then Friday is the first day the order can be printed and shipped and Tuesday of the next week is the last day (assuming there are no holidays in that time period). Ground will take 2 to 5 business days from the day your order is shipped. If the order is placed after 5:00 PM Pacific Time, then Monday is the first day it can be printed and shipped and Wednesday is the last day (assuming there are no holidays in that time period).

If you have a regular printing schedule (weekly or bi-monthly) we can put you on the schedule for faster turn-around (contact Customer Service). 

Artwork Revisions: Revisions made to the submitted artwork means that these turnaround times go into effect according to when the final artwork is received. Thus, if an order comes in on Thursday, but the final artwork isn't received until Friday, turnaround times may be pushed back by one day.

Regarding UPS Shipping: UPS does not necessarily deliver on weekends, so it is possible that Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air will not arrive until Monday.

Regarding customer deadlines: We know that occasionally a customer has their own deadlines for when they need to receive their newspapers. In such cases, we recommend ordering early enough so that there is not a rush and to allow for mishaps in printing and delivery times, but we also know that may not always be possible. However, in the event that UPS fails to deliver according to their own promises, we can only refund the shipping costs, not the entirety of the print order, even if the customer cannot use them or the event in which they were to be distributed has passed.


Both are newspaper newsprint. Regular newsprint is the typical-looking grayish newsprint you've seen for years. Hi-bright is whiter and a bit thicker than Regular newsprint. See the image below (hover to enlarge). Paper shades will vary slightly between rolls used on the press, so Hi-Bright newspapers printed one month may vary slightly in whiteness from another print run of another month.

regular vrs hi-bright newsprint


Custom orders, or newspaper needs that are not listed on this price list (more than 50,000 or more than 24 pages), can be fulfilled through our Custom Order page.  If you need less than a thousand newspapers read below.


We utilize two different types of presses to fulfill a newsprint order. For copies of 5000 and less, we may use a digital press, and for copies over 5000, we may use an offset web-press. Both presses produce high-quality newspapers that utilize the latest safe-ink printing technology while offering the lowest pricing available.  All orders are printed on regular or hi-bright newsprint. 

There are slight differences in the way a newspaper will look depending upon what type of press is used. However, a reader, unless held side by side, will never know the difference. Also, paper rolls will vary slightly in whiteness from one roll to the next so often one print run may be slightly whiter or grayer than the next. This is normal and nothing to be alarmed by. But for the best quality print run, it is important to follow our specifications.