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DIY Save the Date

DIY Save the Date

Traditionally, a Save-the-Date announcement was simply a card with the fact of your upcoming wedding and the date. But recently, a trend to do more and generate more interest has emerged, and this is where MakeMyNewspaper can help. There are several reasons why you would want to send out Save-the-Date notices:

  • Your wedding still a long time away, but you want people to start planning.
  • Your wedding will be in an unusual location, so people need time get their affairs in order to attend.
  • Your wedding will be something unusual, so you want to warn people and get them thinking of ways they may participate.
  • You want to keep your wedding in the minds of your guests.

Why Do a Newspaper?

A newspaper has a lot more room, to begin with. And more than that, it has the ability to really generate interest that a traditional Save-the-Date notice could never do. For example, if you are planning to have an exotic wedding, say, in Hawaii, then your newspaper Save-the-Date notice could have a lot of things about Hawaii that might spark the interest of your potential guests. You can add things like hotel suggestions, where to get deals and discounts on other expenses, and so on that might be of help to those you hope will come to your wedding.

Or if your wedding is just going to be different, follow a particular theme, such as a fairytale wedding, then you can give suggestions and provide photos on particular costumes, even speech mannerisms, and props that will go along with the theme. In this way, your Save-the-Date notices become a way to engage your guests in a way that traditional means could never do.

These are just a few examples of why a newspaper for a Save-the-Date notice might be valuable.

When to Send Out Save-the-Date Notices

A Save-the-Date notice needs to give people plenty of time to prepare. We recommend at least 6 months, but there is nothing wrong with 12 to 18 months either. People need time to arrange to get time off work, save up the money, make travel plans, and so forth. Give people plenty of time.

Create Your Own DIY Save-the-Date Newspaper

Our templates are 100% customizable, super user-friendly, and designed specifically to help you create outstanding DIY Save-the-Dates for your wedding with our free Cloud Designer. Below are a few of the 100s of templates available to you.