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Julia Foster wrote us to share her experience with her wedding newspaper. We liked it so much that we thought we would share it here to all our wedding customers.

Julia's Suggestions

Our wedding was wonderful and the newspapers were one of my favorite things about it!

I am attaching another photo of guests enjoying the newspapers.

Wedding Program Newspaper

Below are some tips that I would give to others writing wedding newspapers (to give out as ceremony programs, because that's what I did).

  • Keep in mind that the goal should be to entertain the guests. Most ceremony programs don't have anything useful or interesting to read, so use this as an opportunity to give your guests something they'll actually enjoy looking through when they have downtime during the wedding. Feel free to skip the boring stuff like names of songs and readings and order of ceremony events. Instead, fill it with stories you'd like to read if you were sitting around waiting for a wedding to begin.
  • Use humor whenever possible.
  • A story about how the couple met (not just how they got engaged) can be fun.
  • You can also use a page to give background information on the couples' relationships with each of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. For example, instead of just listing that someone is a friend, write a short blurb about how you met that friend. (Remember to use humor if you can!) In this way, the newspaper can also become a nice memento for your wedding party.
  • Your parents and wedding party will probably want a copy of the newspaper to keep (especially if you write about them in it), but they won't be given one at the ceremony if you're using it as a program since they may be too involved in the ceremony to get one. Make sure to give them each a copy when you give them their other gift.
  • Including a game in the newspaper can also be fun and give guests something to do besides just read. My husband and I both read a lot, so we included a game where the guests had to match quotes about love to which of our favorite books they came from.
  • Use it as a way to thank people! It's a nice touch to include a section that thanks those who helped out the most with your wedding, and to also thank guests in general for coming. We acknowledged our parents in this section and also specifically named people who were a big help to us, but weren't in the wedding party.
  • Include a section to let guests know what to expect for the rest of the night. We included a "Schedule of Events" for the reception to let everyone know when to expect the musical performance, the caricature artist, the late-night pretzel bar, etc.
  • Don't let it get too text-heavy. Add plenty of pictures.


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Below is Doug and Julia's newspaper that they designed for their wedding. Just click to open.

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