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Photo provided by Bride.

My husband and I just got married 2 weeks ago and made a newspaper to use for our Wedding Programs. Literally EVERYONE was saying how cool it was and how unique!!! We had this awesome newspaper for everyone to read while waiting before the ceremony :) I'm so happy everyone liked them because of all the time I took to write it. But your design tool online was very easy to use. I liked the templates that helped me with a starting point for each page. We now have a very special 8 page newspaper keepsake including stories of how we met, the proposal, and even a page about our puppy! :) My grandma said she read it every night the week after the wedding! Needless to say, it was a very cool idea and more brides should consider doing it. It is something me and my husband will cherish forever and can read it years down the road to reminisce. It's not everyday you have a whole newspaper dedicated to yourself :)

— Amy K., the Bride

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Photos provided by Bride, taken by Photographer Gregory Villarreal at her wedding.

The newspaper programs were a huge hit at our wedding! I was so happy with how they turned out and I would recommend them to anyone getting married. I loved the idea of a newspaper program because it gave guests something to do while they were waiting for the ceremony to start. I've been to numerous weddings where I was hot or bored and I wanted my guests to be entertained the entire time, even before the ceremony began. I also loved the newspaper program because it allowed me to provide tons of information to my guests that I otherwise would not have been able to. For example, we provided information about the wedding planning process, venue history, wedding party attendants, schedule of events throughout the ceremony as well as the reception. It was great to keep guests informed about the entire night. The newspaper also made for some unique, fun wedding party pictures as well as a wonderful keepsake that we still have sitting out in our living room. This was one of the most affordable wedding programs I found and the quick turn around time helped minimize stress in the final month of planning. I loved the ease of use the website and I found the entire process very enjoyable.

— Samantha N., the Bride

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Photo provided by bride's mother.

We loved the paper/wedding program and so did all the guests. My daughter was so thrilled when they came and they were on actual newspaper print! She was married in Breckenridge, CO, and her ushers wore a news boy cap, so the paper wedding program was PERFECT.

— Cathy P., Mother of the Bride

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Photo provided by bride.

Everyone absolutely loved the paper. Loved that it was printed on actual newsprint and other than a few typos it was a perfect addition for our guests to enjoy as part of the pre-wedding festivities. The templates were really easy to use and made this creation great too.

— Jenn L., Bride

wedding newspaper and bridesmaids wedding newspaper and wedding party

Photos provided by Groom.

The wedding newspaper was an incredible addition to our wedding. The hard work that went into the newspaper definitely paid off. The guests enjoyed reading the articles and completing the crossword puzzle. I was asked time and time again if we hired the someone to create the newspaper and how we got real newsprint. The memories of my guests shedding a tear when reading the loving memory section, smiling when they saw their name in the paper or the lecture from an uncle who, through reading the paper, found out I never visited him when I went to Chicago are priceless. Thank you for making my dream of having a newspaper and a lasting memory come true.

— Jonathan G., Groom


We were very pleased with the final newspaper that we had at our wedding. It was a hit with all our wedding guests and they loved it. My husband is a sports editor for a local newspaper so we wanted to have some link to this on the day. We used the newspaper as an order of service and information about the day, along with a story on how we met, history of the castle we got married in, a meet the wedding party section with photos of everyone, a quiz about us, and the back page was on sport that was taking place that day. The guys at the wedding loved the sport back page. It was worth all of the effort as it was such a unique thing to have and I don't think anyone has ever had a newspaper before. It was also a great price to print for all of our guests and the quality of the print was brilliant.

— Samantha G., Bride


We used makemynewspaper to make our wedding programs almost 4 years ago. They were a hit! So we decided to use the same method to announce the exciting news that we are expanding our family!

— Kristi B., Former Bride and Now New Mother


We recently got married and used to create our programs. They were AWESOME! A HUGE hit! Everyone was talking about them and took them home as a keepsake. There wasn't one left behind at the church. The customer service was fantastic as well. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a newspaper. I would recommend this website to anyone looking for this effect for the wedding. LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! Thank you for all your help.

—Kina (the bride)


Our wedding was wonderful and the newspapers were one of my favorite things about it!

—Julia F.

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Photo provided by bride.

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