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School Newspaper Testimonials


We give out the newspaper to over 200 students. We don’t get a ton of feedback, but I know a few parents and colleagues send in notes and emails – they are truly impressed by what our middle school students do. The product is put together entirely by 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. I actually have a 6th grade girl who has designed every page of the three editions we’ve produced this school year. I think our families are quite impressed with the product. The day before the hard copies are sent home we email the online edition to all our families. I got 2 emails back the other day on our latest edition. We must be doing something good because current and former parents have funded our newspaper efforts for four years! We got a few compliments after one of our boys wrote about Colin Kaepernick and how he wasn’t standing for the National Anthem. Parents were very impressed with the passion of the writer and how powerful his opinion column was. I think my school is very happy with the product and services you provide. We’ve done everything from a 4-page to 8-page to even two, 16-point sections this school year. It seems our designer continues to push for bigger and better things. I truly feel our school newspaper has really evolved in the four years we’ve been doing it. I really love I wish I had some pictures of my students in action, but I don’t at this time. I will try to get you some soon! Thanks for making our middle school a better place! I’m proud to brag that we put out a school newspaper with middle school students. You don’t see that everywhere!

—Brian Waddle, Forest Ridge Academy


Our newspaper is the only student run paper in our school district so, naturally, it is very well received! I take the articles and format them to the templates...and the templates are very easy to use. We have been using MakeMyNewspaper for 3 years now and will continue as long as we have a student council to run it! I do not have a copy in action, but our news, Pony Express, is posted to our website: Because this is a Title I elementary school with at least 60% free and reduced lunches, every issue is a success story. The kids have had the opportunity to interview a senator, superintendents, teachers and staff and have worked directly with the foundation that offers art and music in schools (SMMEF). It's been lots of fun to see kids working so hard to create something very special.

— Ashley Ryf, Will Rogers Learning Community

We have gotten many positive remarks on the paper from both parents and students. They like that it looks like a "real' newspaper vs. the 8 1/2 x 11 print outs students used to receive. We plan to continue using your company - I'm happy you're not printing only two days per week. Historically, our school paper was never handed out to the entire student body, only the students in journalism club. It is now being delivered to 300 families. Our principal uses the paper as a hand-out to families touring the school and talks about our club as one of the enrichment programs offered. The professional quality of the paper really makes a good impression. In addition, because of the buzz we've been getting, the journalism club has more than doubled in size since 2015 (started with 10 students and have grown to 26) which is when we switched to your company. Please feel free to check out our issues - the ones located at the bottom of the list are the ones done in-house in more of a newsletter format.

— Kathy, St. Finn Barr Catholic School


Good morning, The newspaper is received well. People love that it actually looks like a real newspaper. The eNewspaper is wonderful! We actually put it on our school website: I actually started the journalism program at my school three years ago and we have used your site to order our papers since day one!

— Bobbi Havers, Community Academy of Philadelphia


Students and families loved the newspapers and we're working on getting together our second addition as we speak. I should have done a better job taking pictures of folks reading the newspaper the day of (not only to share with you but also to put on our school's bulletin board!) and will make sure to do so the next time we publish an edition. I know anecdotally that the mother of the author of the cover story framed the newspaper -- at least one of your papers is hanging proudly on the wall in a home in Boston! We have a small team of writers so it's slow going getting together the second edition, but as soon as we have it ready I'll be sure to use to print.

— Alex


We use the newspaper for our monthly school newspaper that is called The Pony Express. I have my students put together the paper, with my my assistance. What I love about the website is that it is so easy to use. The kids by this points are pretty much experts at it. The people that we send it to around our community love the newspapers that they receive in the mail each month. We have gotten so many compliments as far as how neat and professional the papers look.

— Krista Ruxston, Silver Lake School


I have been very happy with my products this past school year and you have fabulous customer support! All of my questions have been answered in a well communicated way, and I appreciate that! I switched from using Adobe Pagemaker for our paper last year because it was so outdated and difficult for the kids to use. I love your design program.

— Aubrey Deaton, Newspaper Adviser for Ravenna High School


I just wanted to say that the order we placed came out looking fantastic!!! Everyone loved it!!

— Alexander, Newspaper Adviser for New Hope Academy


As the faculty adviser of The Spartan Chronicle, I would like to thank on my students' behalf for choosing us as a feature paper! Your layout program is a great asset to our paper, very easy to use and affordable. Thank you!

—Alicia Beth, The Spartan Chronicle