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8th Grade Graduation Gift Ideas

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8th Grade Graduation. Junior High School Graduation. Middle School Graduation. This means your graduate is headed to High School! If you want to get your young graduate something special or if you want to get the family something that would properly celebrate this milestone in your young graduate’s life, then make a personalized newspaper to give out at the graduation.

Here are some ideas on how a personalized newspaper just may be the perfect gift for an 8th grade graduation:

Junior High School Timeline

Create a timeline of your graduate’s time in Jr. High or Middle School. Add pictures, quotes, stories and more. You can even get teachers to write out something to put inside. There is so much you can do to memorialize your graduate’s time in Jr. High.

See It in Pictures Newspaper

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine what you can do with all the space one of our newspapers provides you with! Tell your graduate’s special story with a newspaper filled with pictures of their time in Junior High. It is better than a scrapbook because you can easily print as many as you want and share them with friends and family.

Graduation Newspaper

This can have the look and feel of a traditional newspaper, or you can get creative and turn it into a graduation program, an invitation, or a way to express your thanks. There is so much you can do! Share with family and friends.

Frame It!

Put your newspaper in a frame! Your 8th grade graduate would love to hang this on his wall. Friends and family will stop just to read the stories and look at the pictures. Make your graduate famous—front page material!

Table Top!

Use any tabletop you wish (kitchen table, a coffee table, or an end table) and paste or otherwise attach your newspaper to the top. Once you have it arranged like you wish, get a piece of glass to put over the top. Your table will still be usable and anyone near it will stop to read the stories and ask about the pictures. Especially if your graduate is in it!

Free Cloud Designer Templates

Our templates are 100% customizable, super user-friendly, and designed specifically to help you create outstanding graduation newspapers with our free Cloud Designer. Below are a few of the 100s of templates available to you.