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How to Start a School Newspaper

Starting a newspaper in your school is very rewarding, but it can be a daunting task. We can help you.

Why a Newspaper Club Is Important for Your School

A newspaper club is more than just a means to disseminate information. It is the voice of the student body.

The High School Newspaper Concept

Having a newspaper in your High School is beneficial to a wide range of people from students, to the administration, and to parents.

The School Newspaper Adviser's Role

The role of the school newspaper club adviser is crucial to the overall success of your school’s newspaper.

Why Elementary Schools Should Start a Newspaper

In recent years, we've seen a rise in elementary schools starting their own newspaper clubs.

Starting a School Newspaper on a Small Budget

You have a small budget—or no budget at all. We can still help you print your very own school newspaper.

The Power of a Student Run Newspaper

Few things in school can give students as much hands-on business experience as a student run newspaper.

How to Enlist Writers for Your School Newspaper

There are ways to attract writers. The following tips have been gathered from students, advisers, and newspaper clubs.

Is a School Newspaper Still Relevant in a Digital Age?

A printed newspaper give a sense of accomplishment and ownership that electronic methods cannot ever give.

Where to Get a School Newspaper Printed

The digital press saved school newspapers!

Newspaper Rights and Responsibilities for Students

A student newspaper should be from students, not from the administration or faculty.

A Newspaper Classroom Assignment – For Teachers

Assigning a newspaper as a journalism project is a great idea. Here are a few guidelines that might help.

A Student Newspaper Versus a School Newspaper

Is there a difference between a student and a school newspaper? Yes, there is.

Starting a Middle School Newspaper

Tips and help on starting a middle school newspaper.