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Creative Graduation Gifts

Creative Graduation Gifts

The following list of creative gifts are all based on personalized newspapers that you can make. There is no doubt that graduation is a significant milestone. With a personalized newspaper, you can capture that milestone and make your graduate’s graduation extra special and unique. In truth, there are many creative ways that you can give these personalized newspapers out as a gift. The following list is just a few:

Create a Timeline

With a newspaper, you have the room to create a timeline filled with antidotes, quotes, fun facts, pictures, and stories that covers as many years as you need. As a gift, this would be perfect. Your graduate will cherish this for years to come. Every time it is read, memories will flood back.

Create a Front Page Newspaper

With this graduation gift, you will make it look like a real newspaper that has your graduate on the front page. Make it look similar to the school’s newspaper or someone else’s. Interview your graduate, his other family members, and his friends. Act like a reporter and make your newspaper look like your graduate made the front page. You can be warm, loving, funny, or prankish. It’s a great graduation gift! Family and friends will absolutely want a copy!

Make a Photo Story Newspaper

Simple and easy to do, a photo story newspaper has few words but is filled with photos. Use captions to tell a bit about the photo if you wish, but primarily you simply let the pictures tell the story. Start with a blank template from our Cloud Designer and begin. Make each page representative of a year or a period leading up to the graduation.

Frame the Newspaper as a Gift

Few gifts will generate as much attention as this. It requires a large frame, but you can cover a piece of cardboard with black or some other dark fabric, paste the front page on the fabric covered cardboard then the two middle pages next to it, and finally the back page next to that. Put the whole thing in a frame and you have an instant wall decoration that will be sure to attract everyone who steps foot in your graduate’s room!

Create a Mural on a Table

Cover a coffee tabletop with a copy of your newspaper. You may need several copies so you can show all the pages correctly. Once covered, get a piece of heavy-duty glass that fits right on top of the coffee table and lay it on top. Now people can still use it as a coffee table while reading it at the same time. Watch your guests exclaim over this novel gift! You can even do this with a kitchen table—while eating, you will have a source of endless conversation.

Free Cloud Designer Templates

Our templates are 100% customizable, super user-friendly, and designed specifically to help you create outstanding graduation newspapers with our free Cloud Designer. Below are a few of the 100s of templates available to you.