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High school graduation is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. The years in high school formed the foundation upon which much of your graduate’s future will be built upon. These high school graduation gifts using personalized newspapers are perfect ways to capture those years.

High School Timeline Newspaper Gift

On our basic newspaper, you have four huge pages of 11x14 or 11x17 to create a timeline for each year. Each page can represent a year of your graduate’s life and you can make a newspaper that is filled with photos, quotes, interviews, and stories that tell a story of your graduate’s four years in high school.

Congratulations Newspaper

You can get very creative with this. It can be simple, a newspaper filled with pictures and stories that look like a newspaper. You can write it as a reporter would, with interviews, reported stories, guest columns, sports section, politics section, and letters to the editor. Tailor it any way you wish! You are in complete control. You can be warm, loving, funny, or prankish. It’s a great graduation gift! Family and friends will absolutely want a copy!

Photo Collage

Use pictures to tell the story! Easy to do, you just add a bunch of pictures. You can put captions to each one if you wish, but in general this type of newspaper allows you to have many pictures in one place—kind of like a scrapbook. In this case, however, because it is a newspaper, you can print many of them and give them out to other family and friends. It makes a wonderful high school graduation gift!

Newspaper in a Frame!

Framing the newspaper is an instant conversation piece. Imagine a guest walking into your house and seeing an authentic looking newspaper—all about your high school graduate—on the wall. They will instantly be attracted to the photos and pictures. It is great gift and will capture moments and memories like few things can.

Newspaper Coffee Table Top

Take a coffee table. Paste or somehow attach your newspaper to the top in whatever arrangement best suits the coffee table. Have a piece of heavy-duty glass cut to the size of your coffee table top and place it on top. Now you have a unique gift for your high school graduate that he or she can take to college. It will make a great conversation piece.

Free Cloud Designer Templates

Our templates are 100% customizable, super user-friendly, and designed specifically to help you create outstanding graduation newspapers with our free Cloud Designer. Below are a few of the 100s of templates available to you.