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Sixth Month Anniversary Ideas

Six Month Anniversary

Who celebrates a sixth month anniversary? You do, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this page! The sixth month anniversary, however, is still very significant. Half a year is nothing to ignore. For dating couples, this sixth month anniversary means you probably know if your relationship might be going somewhere, you’ve established a strong connection, and you’ve begun to realize each other’s place in your lives.

For married couples, the sixth month anniversary is also significant. Your relationship has expanded and your roles in each other’s lives have become more meaningful. You’ve taken your first steps towards a family perhaps, or maybe you’ve discovered things about each other that have solidified your commitment to each other. Indeed, you are looking forward to that one year anniversary mark!

Celebrate it by creating an anniversary newspaper!

You have just begun to tell your story as a couple, so what better time to share that story! A newspaper will allow you to share your journey in a way that few mediums could. By being creative, you can tell of your experiences together, why each of you have become more meaningful, tidbits, laughs, and pictures! A newspaper gives you the room you need to say it right. What’s more, it is a great format to share with your family and friends and keep as an anniversary memento or keepsake.

Here is a short list of ideas that you can do with a sixth month anniversary newspaper:

  • Give it to your significant other as a loving and creative gift.
  • Frame it. This would make a great gift idea. Hang it on a wall and watch as your guests gravitate towards it—it will make for great talking points!
  • Create a “half and half” newspaper. Half of it is hers and half of it is his. Create it together, but promise not to read it until the finished product arrives!
  • Create a “What Others Are Saying About Us” anniversary newspaper. Become a reporter and interview family and friends or have them each submit an article about your relationship with your significant other. This will be great fun and provide fantastic memories.
  • Create a Mystery Anniversary newspaper. Create riddles and provide clues in the newspaper that only your significant other can decipher (or certain family members and friends). Let them follow the clues provided in the newspaper to find an anniversary treasure from you.
  • Create a “Prank” anniversary newspaper. Create a newspaper as if you and your significant other are the subject matter being researched by a reporter from a popular tabloid. Leave it on the doorstep of family and friends and wait for the calls to start coming in! Make it funny, make it scary…your choice, but you’re sure to get a great laugh and create lasting memories.

Use your imagination and you are bound to discover many possibilities for creating your very own sixth month anniversary newspaper! Take an idea and run with it. If nothing else, you’ll have the most unique (and best) anniversary gift around! If you are looking for more ideas, check out our 1st Year Anniversary Ideas and our Paper Anniversary page! For more templates, go to our DIY Anniversary Ideas page.

Create Your Own Anniversary Newspaper

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