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One Year Anniversary Ideas

You’ve found the perfect way to celebrate your first anniversary with paper! Here at, you can create a one year anniversary newspaper and celebrate your anniversary in a unique and novel way that is sure to bring exclamations and excitement.

We have a variety of anniversary templates available to you. Each of these “paper” anniversary newspapers are 100% customizable so your imagination and creativity are unhindered. Click on the templates already provided on this page, or go to our Anniversary Page for more ideas.

But what can you do with paper? It isn’t as “special” as gold is or as some other precious metal or stone. It isn’t something you would want to put in a safe. It isn’t…valuable. We beg to differ. In the long run, you may find this paper anniversary to be one of the most special you ever have. What can you do with an anniversary newspaper?

  • Write about what you did together over the last year. Memories tend to fade with time. This is why we write things down and take pictures. With an anniversary newspaper, you can put them both together to create a timeless memory that will be sure to become a family favorite.
  • Show how you and your spouse have changed in one year. Life experiences change us. People change us, and spending an entire year together has changed you. This can be written and shown in your anniversary newspaper.
  • Put pictures of events, activities, and people that were meaningful to you. A four page newspaper can hold roughly 100 pictures or more. You can use your newspaper to capture your first year together in pictures.
  • Share any new additions to your family. Perhaps you had a child, got a dog or cat, or even moved into a new home. This anniversary “paper” newspaper is a great way to showcase these new additions.
  • Create interactive content for your spouse, friends, and family. Make a crossword puzzle that deals with your first year together. Create a word search of your spouse’s likes. Make a cryptogram of your favorite saying. Give clues to a romantic getaway or hidden anniversary gift.
  • Have friends and loved ones write articles and submit pictures for your anniversary newspaper.
  • Interview your spouse and make the entire newspaper about him/her. Pretend you are a reporter interviewing a celebrity, a politician, or a world leader.

These are just a few ideas that might help you celebrate this very special paper anniversary. If you need more ideas, check out those listed for the Sixth Month Anniversary Ideas page and the One Year Anniversary Ideas page. Want more templates? Go to our DIY Anniversary Ideas page.

Create Your Own Paper Anniversary Newspaper

Our templates are 100% customizable, super user-friendly, and designed specifically to help you create an outstanding newspaper for your Paper Anniversary with our free Cloud Designer. Below are a few of the 100s of templates available to you.