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Restaurants everywhere are discovering the value and convenience of printing newspapers as their menus. For years the famous Big Nose Kate Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona (pictured above), has offered their menus in the form of a newspaper.

Less Expensive

Because newsprint is so inexpensive, it has become much more affordable to print menus this way as compared to other avenues. In fact, many find it easy to re-print when their menus change or their prices have to change. Restaurants agree that printing new menus has always been somewhat expensive, and then if the prices of food changes and your cost change, then it is hard to print new menus just to reflect these changes.

With newsprint, this is much more affordable to do.

Something to Give Patrons

Many restaurants love the idea of giving their menus away. A newspaper is perfect for this. The menu has activities for kids to do, puzzles and comics for adults, and articles that might be of interest—as well as a menu. Customers will take these menus home, read them again, and finish the puzzles they started while waiting for you to serve them.

This gives you another way to advertise with your patrons. You’ll keep your name in front of people longer and increase the chance that others will see your newspaper/menu and pick it up.

A Way to Raise Extra Revenue

Many restaurants solicit advertisements from nearby businesses to put in their menus. This not only pays for the printing of the menus, but could even bring a bit more revenue through your restaurant.

With all these advantages, printing a newspaper has become an increasingly popular means of printing restaurant menus.

What Goes in Your Newspaper Menu?

  • Menu Items - Naturally. The neat thing about a newspaper menu is the room. They are bigger than your normal menus, giving you much more room to expand on your options.
  • Puzzles and Comics - Add puzzles, games and comics, polls, surveys, and much more. All of this will keep your guests engaged while they are waiting or eating.
  • Articles - You can write articles that relate to the history of your restaurant, perhaps have a Q&A with your top chef, provide recipes, meet the staff, and much more.

Examples for Inspiration

Free Cloud Designer Templates

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