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Industry and Personal Uses for a Newspaper

Industry Uses

There is almost no industry that can’t benefit from a newspaper, especially those millions of businesses who already use their copy machines or office stores to print newsletters. Newsletters are not only more expensive than a newspaper, but not nearly so professional and unique and not nearly so roomy for information.

How People Are Using Newspapers

The following list is but a small sample of the many uses people are using newspapers for.

  • The bride and groom who want a unique wedding program, invitations, and save-the-date notices.
  • School newspapers from elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, charter schools, private schools, colleges, and universities.
  • School graduation programs.
  • Class reunions.
  • Community newspapers to keep local news local.
  • Businesses promoting their services or products.
  • As anniversary gifts--particularly the 1st anniversary which is the "Paper Anniversary."
  • As birthday gifts--where the newspaper is all about the individual who has a birthday.
  • Real estate agencies and agents using newspapers to promote property listings.
  • Advertising agencies using newspapers as another marketing tools.
  • Film festivals using newspapers as event programs.
  • Menus for restaurants.
  • The floral shop that has them neatly stacked on their counter and deliver with every order.
  • The church that uses it as a fundraiser, newsletter, or community outreach.
  • The car-wash that lays one on every seat in every car they wash.
  • The hotel using it as a guest directory.
  • The RV park offering local services and information.
  • The restaurant that uses it as a menu that people take home with them.
  • The non-profit company that uses it as way of community awareness and raising much needed cash.
  • The antique store that houses fifty vendors in their market.
  • A mechanic that can leave one with every job done.
  • The homeowner association that already prints a newsletter.
  • Family newsletters, mailed out to family members.
  • Used for family reunions to allow everyone a chance to add to the newspaper and share what has been happening since they've been apart.
  • Trade shows, to show case services and/or products.
  • Parks and camps, using a newspaper as a large map or program.
  • Movie or play producers who need just a few copies for their play or movie.
  • Entrepreneurs--even kids--who want to start their own business and work from home.
  • Photographers who use newspapers to showcase their artwork and photos.
  • Mass mailings, direct mail, and every door direct mail.
  • For large sewing patterns.
  • Old newspaper reproductions.
  • As gag gifts, practical jokes, and other fun uses.
  • As wrapping paper for Christmas, birthdays, and bridal showers.

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