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Generate Part or Full Time Income from Your Newspaper

Generating Income

Earning income from your own newspaper is one of the easiest and most inexpensive business startups possible. It requires virtually no money up front, and you don’t have to pay for your major costs until you’ve actually earned the money to pay for them.

Let’s look at an overview of why and how starting a newspaper might be beneficial to your income needs:

Minimal Start-up Costs

The cost of printing, while low, is still your largest expense; however, the great benefit of a newspaper business is that you can get commitments from advertisers before you actually have to pay for the full run of your newspaper printing costs. That means you can start your business without risk as to whether you are making the money that you need to make. You’ll know it up front.

Profit Is Easy to Determine

If the cost of printing your newspaper is $500, sell $1,000 in advertising and you’ve made essentially a $500 profit. If the cost of your newspaper is $1,000, and you sell $4,000 in advertising, you’ve made a $3,000 profit (learn more below). The math is easy, and unlike other businesses, there is no need for a storefront, no inventory to buy or stock, and branding or promoting your business is self-generated and inherent because it’s a product that sits before the public eye.

Click Here to read about how you can leverage the space of your newspaper to generate different revenue streams by selling ADs.

Offer Affordable Advertising

Small businesses are desperate to find advertising that works without breaking their banks. Advertising costs that fall within the $100 to $500 range is extremely exciting to small businesses if they feel that it has a shot of working, because it’s an amount of money that they can afford.

Newspapers Are Trustworthy

People still trust what they read in a newspaper over television, radio and the Internet . . . combined. They also trust the advertising content in newspapers more than any other media.

It's a Growing Market

While the big Daily Newspapers have declined on an epic scale, the “niche” or “community” newspapers have thrived and even grown. People still love their newspaper reading, they just care more about “what” they are reading, and it must interest them. Local content is the biggest key here in being successful as a small newspaper.

Guide to Building a Newspaper Business

The following link will take you to a step by step guide to building your own profitable newspaper business: Starting a Profitable Newspaper.

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