Wedding Newspapers

Wedding newspapers by are the lowest priced, best quality newspaper ever offered to the wedding community.

There's nothing quite like having your own personal wedding newspaper to make your wedding truly unique. It's also the perfect memento or keepsake to look back on years from now.  Whether for invitations or announcements or for anniversaries (first is "paper"), the ceremony or receptions, it's a favor that everyone loves and keeps.  Include photos, neat factoids, the wedding party, family information or whatever you desire using our free Cloud Newspaper Designer to make your Wedding Newspaper a personal documentation of your very special day.   

We invented the “personal newspaper,” including our exclusive free “Cloud Newspaper Designer” for our customers to quickly and easily upload photos and articles of their choice.

Starting a Publication

Start a publication from scratch, use our templates or upload your own PDF. No matter how you create your newspaper, our Wedding Newspapers offer the most vivid print quality ever produced, printed with a process not offered by any other company.

You can also choose to have them printed on regular or hi-bright newsprint, decide on ground or rushed shipping options. Tell your friends and family about yourself using articles and photographs, how you met, fun things about yourselves, even stories told by others about the two of you...use your wedding newspapers for invitations, favors, programs, receptions, anniversaries and so much more. A “Wedding Newspaper” is a printed memory that will last for eternity.


But what about the Internet?  No problem. now allows a completely digital newspaper to be sent or posted!  Simply create an eNewspaper and post it on emails, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs or whatever social media you use, and everyone will be able to read it on their computer, tablet, or smart phone.  An eNewspaper is an incredible new way to update your news and information without resubmitting the same thing over and over again on every site you use!  Visit our eNewspaper page for more details of this low cost option.  Order one with a printed newspaper, too!

Click on any template below to start designing in our Cloud Newspaper Designer.