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Tabloid Newspaper Printing and Publishing

Using the latest in print tabloid newspaper printing technology, MakeMyNewspaper allows you to not only print tabloid newspapers, publish electronically tabloid newspapers, design in our Free Cloud Designer tabloid newspapers . . . we charge the lowest prices on the web and in and from the USA! AND, we can print as low as 50 copies, from 8 to 24 pages. We can print more if you send us us a custom order request. For everything you need for short-run tabloid newspaper printing or publishing, MakeMyNewspaper is your print, design and education center.

What are Tabloid Newspapers?

Traditionally, tabloids have been associated with sensational journalism, but in recent years, tabloids have become more mainstream in that the "size" has become more universally accepted as a legitimate newspaper. The tabloid size has become increasingly popular with community newspapers, niche newspapers, and businesses seeking to promote their products and services. Schools have found tabloid-sized newspapers to be an invaluable part of their journalism curriculum, allowing students an outlet for their creative and journalistic talents.

In short, tabloid-sized newspapers are more popular than ever. MakeMyNewspaper offers two basic tabloid sizes: 11x14 and 11x17.

Tabloid (11x14 in. and 11x17 in.) Templates