Cost-Free Newspapers

How would you like to pay nothing, or even make money, on your newspaper! Even if it’s just a sideline to your existing business, or replacing an expensive yet necessary newsletter, recouping your costs and making a profit is not only completely feasible, but extremely easy to do!

  • You order 5,000 newspaper from
  • The cost of printing a 4 page black and white newspaper is roughly $379.00
  • The cost of your content is nothing, as it is your own.
  • The cost of your distribution is perhaps the cost of some gas as you take them to friendly merchants to carry your paper (the rest is distributed in your own store!). So let’s say the cost of gas is $10.00. (by the way, these same friendly merchants are some of the people that you might ask if they would like an inexpensive advertisement in your paper. See our Selling Advertising Tips).

So you add up the cost of printing, $379.00, the cost of content, $0.00, the cost of distribution, $10.00, and your total cost is $389.00 to own your own newspaper.

That means if you sell just six ads for only $75.00 a piece, YOU HAVE PAID NOTHING FOR YOUR PAPER and are already showing a profit! If you sell 20 ads for a hundred dollars apiece, you will profit over $1,500.00! (How to download advertisements into your newspaper--just scan business cards and place into your newspaper or have the advertisor make an ad for you and give you a jpeg format file, which you download into your paper. You may also choose to make them an ad if you know how).

No matter what kind of newspaper you decide to pursue, it is basically only the cost of printing, the cost of content and the cost of distribution that you need to understand. The amount of ads you sell and how much you sell your ads for will decide the profit (the industry norm is to use about 40 to 60 percent of your paper for advertising space, which is a whole lot of ads—you can decide how much you choose to use).