Sample Pack

The best way to experience the quality of our product is to see it first-hand. This sample pack includes a variety of newspapers left over from previous customer orders. The general purpose of the sample packets is to show you paper and ink quality. For design and layout ideas, please see our samples posted on the website.

If you order more than one sample pack, please note that the packets will be identical (or nearly so) unless you request otherwise.

In stock

In the sample pack, you will receive:

  • Up to six samples of what other customers have done.
  • Copies of Impact newspapers.
  • Copies of Classic newspapers.
  • Both regular and hi-bright newsprint samples.
  • Both Color and Black and White newspaper samples.
  • Both 4 and 8 page newspaper samples.
  • Ships out using USPS, not UPS, so you can ship to PO Boxes.
  • We only send samples to the US and Canada at this time.